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© 2016 Georgia Vavasour Vedic Meditation offers the teaching of meditation by Georgia Vavasour, an independent meditation teacher. Georgia Vavasour is not affiliated in any way with the Maharishi Foundation, TM or any organization affiliated with, or a licensee of, the Maharishi Foundation.

Advanced Courses

For Meditators

- Exploring the Veda -

"Diving Deep into Exploring the Veda has enriched my life and practise in so many ways, learning to live closer to the laws of Nature for an even more blissful and frictionless reality.  Georgia's charming and effective teaching, delicious Ayurvedic food - I always leave inspired, energised and expanded with my heart full of gratitude" .                                                                                                                                              - A.K Exploring the Veda 1-6, 2019

"In understanding the world I inhabit and the world that inhabits me, I can't think of anything else I would rather study than this knowledge series on the Veda...it is a system upgrade for yourself."       - Ryan Tanaka, Exploring the Veda 1-6, 2019

"Participation in this programme should be given your highest priority. Whatever events you think may be “too important” or “unchangeable” should be reassessed in favour of embarking on this training. The need of the time demands this; the fulfilment of the purpose of individual life awaits this."                        -  Thom Knoles, Maharishi Vysasananda Saraswati

Awakening to knowledge of the Veda is said to bestow mastery of the laws of Nature.  Georgia's teacher Thom Knole's renowned course (taught over 6 weekend instalments) uniquely distils this ancient record, the basis of the yogic and Ayurvedic sciences and philosophy, to provide a pathway for accelerated integration of higher states of consciousness into daily life for modern times.  A profound series of knowledge retreats - if you're thirsty for knowledge, progression, community and diving deeper, this is for you.

Each instalment is experienced as a non-residential style retreat, commencing Friday evening, through and Saturday & Sunday 10am-5pm (approximately), where like-minded meditators come together to enjoy shared experience, deepen their practise with advanced techniques and expand the mind.  Nourishing Ayurvedic lunch is provided.  Each instalment can be enjoyed on an individual basis, but must be completed sequentially. The course is open to Vedic Meditators of all levels.

Exploring the Veda 1 - held Sep 27 - Sep 29th 2019 in Auckland. Held once annually, next opportunity to begin Exploring the Veda - end of 2020.  Register your interest below.  If you would like to join us for ETV2, please contact me to discuss the home study option. 

Exploring the Veda 2 - Feb 14-16 2020, Auckland  Prerequisite - completion of Exploring the Veda 1.

Exploring the Veda 3 - April 17-19, Auckland

Exploring the Veda 4 - July 24-26, Auckland

Exploring the Veda 5 - Oct 23-25, Auckland

Exploring the Veda 6 - Nov 27-29

Investment: $690 per instalment.  Includes Ayurvedic vegetarian lunch, healthy treats & signature chai.  Advance payment of multiple instalments attracts a reduced fee.

- Mastering the Siddhis -

The Siddhis are rare & extraordinary human capabilities, the ability to interact with and master laws of Nature associated with manifestation of desires, the power to engage with the laws of Nature to live in alignment and harmony with them from the deepest level of one's own bliss consciousness.  The effect is mastery of the relationship of individual human potential and the laws of Nature.  


The Mastering the Siddhis course uniquely distils the cognitions of Maharishi ('great seer') Patanjali's Yoga Sutras as they were originally intended - for those with the perceptual capabilities and appropriate state of consciousness - as techniques for "stitching" these capabilities into the awareness of the worthy seeker.  Very few Masters were able to detect the deeper truth of Patanjali's teachings so they faded into obscurity until revived within the Vedic tradition in recent times.  Once mastered, these techniques are considered to be the most powerful and advanced technique in the meditator's treasury.


Over six instalments, each conducted over a weekend, you will receive, practise and gain deep insight into each sequence of techniques which will then become part of your advanced home practice repertoire as a meditator.  Each instalment must be completed sequentially, there is no requirement to complete all six. Prerequisites:  Exploring the Veda 1-6, or the equivalent module of Exploring the Veda - Exploring the Veda 1 for Mastering the Siddhis 1, for example.

Mastering the Siddhis Instalment 1 - March 22-23, Auckland.

Mastering the Siddhis Instalment 2 - July 4-5

Mastering the Siddhis Instalment 3 - Sep 26-27

Mastering the Siddhis Instalment 4 - Dec 19-20