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© 2016 Georgia Vavasour Vedic Meditation offers the teaching of meditation by Georgia Vavasour, an independent meditation teacher. Georgia Vavasour is not affiliated in any way with the Maharishi Foundation, TM or any organization affiliated with, or a licensee of, the Maharishi Foundation.



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the corporate program



The business world is abuzz with meditation and mindfulness.  The impact of stress on the health of employees, their performance and the bottom line (estimated to be costing Australian employers $10.1b in absenteeism and presenteeism), is now widely recognised. There is no longer any doubt about the litany of benefits and the impact that meditation can have, and corporations such as Google, Apple and the Harvard Business School are embracing meditation and mindfulness as effective tools to enrich their workplace, innovate and get ahead in their industries.  It's no surprise to find that the Harvard Business Review now asserts that meditation is essential to effective leadership, citing scientific studies that demonstrate meditation is a "way to keep our brains healthy, to support self-regulation and effective decision-making capabilities, and to protect ourselves from toxic stress"; with our ability to self-regulate determining to what extent we can “purposefully direct attention and behavior, suppress inappropriate knee-jerk responses, and switch strategies flexibly.” 


The science is clear, meditation literally changes the brain, so for businesses who have heavily invested in their talent, it makes good business sense to have them operating at optimal levels, ultimately having a profound impact on the business, its culture and crucially, the bottom line.





Vedic Meditation is, quite simply, the Ferrari of meditation techniques - all techniques of meditation will get you there eventually, but Vedic Meditation produces profound effects at an accelerated rate, combined with an effortless, comfortable ride. With the regular practice of Vedic Meditation, meditators report that they find themselves naturally being more mindful, alert and aware in daily life, without the concerted effort this often requires in lieu of such a practice working to systematically awaken the brain's potential and release the stress that is preventing us from experiencing this as our natural state. In addition, upon completion of the course - taught over 4 x 90 minute sessions - your team will master the technique with the ability to practice on their own - be at it home, on a plane, in the office or while waiting in an airport - with no need for regular classes or the attendance of a teacher in your offices ever again. A one-time investment in your team and your business will start paying dividends almost immediately, the benefits of which will only continue to grow over the long-term.




Meditation is the cornerstone of any corporate wellness or leadership development program. Not only will employees be happier and healthier, but through awakening their greatest creative and mental potential, it could just be what gives your business and your Executive team the edge under competitive, dynamic and demanding market conditions.



Meditation has been shown to increase creativity, intelligence and memory, awakening the brain to its greatest potential, leading to innovation in the workplace

clarity & focus

With a restored nervous system and rested mind, employees are more awake, have greater focus and clarity, making them more resilient under pressure and adaptable to high demands

a healthier team

Employees who meditate regularly are less likely to suffer from stress-related conditions and recover faster, dramatically reducing absenteeism and increasing productivity


Happier, less reactive employees means staff have higher morale, are more invested and engaged, which leads to improved inter-staff relations, a more collaborative approach and less staff turnover

program structure
Each Corporate Program is tailored to the individual needs and dynamics of the organisation.  Whether your company employs 10 or 1,000 people, it will significantly benefit from investing in a Vedic Meditation program.
Georgia is ideally suited to integrate meditation into a corporate environment, with a keen understanding of the pressure, concerns and demands of high-performance cultures, challenging market dynamics and the corporate lifestyle, having spent 12 years in senior executive roles in the corporate Insurance industry in both Australia and London.  She is passionate about driving real change and delivering the same benefits from Vedic Meditation she experienced while working in her role at a global insurance firm, to other corporate executives, teams and organisations.

When the conscious mind expands to embrace deeper levels of thinking, the thought wave becomes more powerful and results in added energy and intelligence.

- Maharishi Mahesh Yogi