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© 2016 Georgia Vavasour Vedic Meditation offers the teaching of meditation by Georgia Vavasour, an independent meditation teacher. Georgia Vavasour is not affiliated in any way with the Maharishi Foundation, TM or any organization affiliated with, or a licensee of, the Maharishi Foundation.

Private Mentoring

"Mentoring with Georgia has helped me bring greater presence, ease and grace into my roles as parent, partner and business owner with practical guidance that builds on the experiential benefits of Vedic Meditation."                                                                                     - H.D, writer

Mentoring with Georgia is a way to gain insight into the deeper currents of life, shedding light on your experience and providing a fresh perspective, practical advice & tools for finding a sustainable way forward, or navigating difficult terrain.

Georgia has a wealth of life experience, from a successful twelve-year corporate career at executive level, to having personally dealt with long term depression, eating disorders, cancer, divorce, career change and more.  Her extensive knowledge of Vedic wisdom which she has used to move into acceptance and find the frictionless, blissful path amid these challenges, provides a framework for deeper understanding and a pathway to shed light on a way forward.

She mentors a wide range of individuals from creatives and finance executives wanting to perform at their peak in all facets of life, to exhausted, overwhelmed mums and stressed millenials looking for clarity and direction.  You need not have learned Vedic Meditation to undertake private mentoring.

Any topic can be addressed in a session, including:

  • Understanding and discovering your life purpose

  • Increasing and enlivening wealth consciousness, identifying & removing blocks in the flow of abundance 

  • Harnessing your creativity

  • Consciously navigating relationships

  • Finding acceptance in the face of challenge

  • Advancing your meditation practise and eyes-open experience

  • Special techniques for overcoming addictions & pain (minimum four months Vedic meditation is a prerequisite)

  • Advanced Vedic knowledge sessions

  • Private rounding & knowledge retreats

  • Adapting to and navigating change

  • Breaking deep seated habits and making the highest, sustainable choice

  • Assistance in identifying, and eliminating the obstacles to your progress in life and the fulfilment of your desires

The session will be tailored to your individual preference and can be conducted in person, over the phone or via Skype.