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© 2016 Georgia Vavasour Vedic Meditation offers the teaching of meditation by Georgia Vavasour, an independent meditation teacher. Georgia Vavasour is not affiliated in any way with the Maharishi Foundation, TM or any organization affiliated with, or a licensee of, the Maharishi Foundation.

Advance & Expand

For Meditators

As our experience and awareness starts to expand as a meditator, it's natural at some point that we feel the desire to expand further, and to seek out ways to accelerate the stabilisation of that inner bliss into our daily experience. The path to stabilisation of higher states of consciousness is twofold - we need to begin with establishing, through regular contact and the release of stress during meditation, the experience of Being, the inner silent witness, the state of pure contentment.  Then the second part of the process begins, whereby we start to correct the intellect, the mistaken idea that we are only this body, separate from all things and that life involves suffering, this is the key which unlocks higher states of consciousness and allows us to live Being, to bring that state of consciousness into all aspects of life - our relationships, our work, our body, our creativity, our ability to love.

There are many ways you can advance, both in your practise and the path of correction of the intellect (click on each to learn more):

  • Advanced Techniques - designed to accelerate the stabilisation of the bliss state, and tends to increase subtle & heightened sensory experience both in and out of meditation

  • Advanced Knowledge Courses - Exploring the Veda - the ultimate way to accelerate the correction of the intellect, through a series of deep immersion knowledge retreats with the opportunity to have shared experience with like-minded meditators

  • Group Meditations - free for life once you've learned Vedic Meditation (with any accredited teacher).  A great way to stay inspired and gain access to advanced knowledge.  Click here for the schedule.

  • Rounding Retreats - rounding is an advanced technique in itself and significantly accelerates the release of stress during meditation while sustaining depth.  Once you have learned the rounding sequence you can practise at home when time permits. A rounding retreat can shift the equivalent stress of 6 months to a year of regular twice daily meditation.  See Retreats, or Events for one day workshops.

  • Private Mentoring - a way to gain insight into the deeper currents of life, shedding light on your experience and providing a fresh perspective, practical advice & tools for finding a sustainable way forward, or navigating difficult terrain.  Many topics can be addressed during a personalised session - read more here.

  • Special Techniques - special techniques for overcoming addictions or oral fixations (from nail biting to smoking, drug use, overeating & anorexia), physical pain or emotional anguish.

It's my great pleasure to take students on an advanced path.  I look forward to working with you in whichever way feels the most charming.