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© 2016 Georgia Vavasour Vedic Meditation offers the teaching of meditation by Georgia Vavasour, an independent meditation teacher. Georgia Vavasour is not affiliated in any way with the Maharishi Foundation, TM or any organization affiliated with, or a licensee of, the Maharishi Foundation.

Georgia Vavasour

Vedic Meditation

Vedic Meditation

Vedic Meditation is a simple, natural, ancient technique which uses a particular type of mantra (or mind vehicle) thought quietly on the inside to trigger deep rest (2-5x deeper than sleep) in the mind and body. Through this process we awaken the mind to its greatest potential and induce the body to release deeply embedded stresses naturally, bringing innumerable health benefits to the individual.

The technique's simplicity means absolutely anybody can do it, you simply sit comfortably, close your eyes for 20 minutes and let the mantra, and the body's own healing intelligence, do the work for you.  Vedic meditation is unlike any other meditation out there - it doesn't require any focus, concentration, yogi-like flexibility, patience, lots of time or years of practice to be able to do it.  It's practiced by thousands of people with busy and dynamic lives the world over from children to CEOs, parents to professionals.

Whether you're looking for better health, increased productivity, creativity and clarity at work, improved interpersonal relationships, more bliss, presence, peace of mind or just a decent night's sleep, Vedic Meditation will revolutionise the way you experience life at every level.

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Georgia Vavasour, Meditation Teacher
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Life finds its purpose and fulfilment in the

expansion of happiness

- Maharishi Mahesh Yogi



Georgia, thank you for bringing such an amazing practice into my life.  I have tried a few forms of meditation, none of which I implemented into my life.  This technique has allowed me to relax and delve into what feels like a deeper level.  Within only a few weeks I feel more relaxed and it has helped dampen the racing thoughts. What an amazing gift.

- Annabel, Property Management